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Pandemic Is Hitting Hospitals Hard, Including Their Bottom Line - 2021-02-26
"U.S. hospitals are expected to lose billions again in 2021, leaving them in dire financial shape as the COVID-19 pandemic guts the industry for a second year." More

Mental Health 'Epidemic' Threatens Communities of Color Amid COVID-19 - 2021-02-26
"Communities of color face a burgeoning wave of mental health problems as a result of how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people interact and grieve, experts warn." More

AHA News: Why Experts Say a Good Mood Can Lead to Good Health - 2021-02-25
"Studies show negative emotions- including anger, hostility and pessimism - are linked to a higher risk of heart disease and lower chance of recovery from events such as heart attacks, as well as poorer cognitive health. " More

Alzheimer's May Strike Women and Men in Different Ways - 2021-02-25
"The ravages of Alzheimer's may strike later in women than men, but once it takes hold women tend to deteriorate far faster than men, according to a new study." More

Mental Illness Not a Factor in Most Mass Shootings - 2021-02-25
"Contrary to what many believe, a new study finds that mental illness isn't a factor in most mass shootings or other types of mass murder." More

History of Mental Illness Tied to Earlier Onset of Alzheimer's Disease - 2021-02-25
"People with Alzheimer's disease often have a history of depression or anxiety, which might mean an earlier emergence of memory and thinking problems, a preliminary study suggests." More

AHA News: Black, Hispanic Families Hit Hardest by Dementia - 2021-02-23
"While dementia risk in the United States has been relatively stable over the past two decades, racial disparities have remained high, according to research published last year in JAMA Neurology. " More

Why Some 'Super Ager' Folks Keep Their Minds Dementia-Free - 2021-02-23
"Researchers may have uncovered a key reason some people remain sharp as a tack into their 80s and 90s: Their brains resist the buildup of certain proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease." More

Grumpy? Depressed? Try a More Regular Sleep Schedule - 2021-02-23
"A steady sleep routine may do more than keep you well-rested: New research suggests that the more swings in your slumber schedule, the worse your mood and depression symptoms are likely to be." More

Even for Preschoolers, Healthier Hearts May Mean Healthier Brains - 2021-02-23
"The study revealed that 4- to 6-year-olds who could walk farther during a timed test also scored higher on tests of thinking abilities and other measures of brain function." More

Got a Vaccine-Skeptical Relative? Here's How to Talk to Them - 2021-02-23
"Vaccine skepticism isn't new, but you may be able to persuade skeptical loved ones to change their minds." More

Short Course of Psychotherapy Can Help Ease Panic Disorder - 2021-02-22
"New research offers up hopeful news for the millions of people struggling with panic disorder. Two relatively brief types of psychotherapy can help alleviate the often-debilitating symptoms of this anxiety disorder." More

Many Psych Meds Trigger Weight Gain, But New Research Points to Better Options - 2021-02-19
"Scientists may have uncovered the reason critical medications for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder cause weight gain and diabetes - findings they hope will lead to better drugs." More

Lockdowns Are Leaving Kids With ADHD in Crisis - 2021-02-19
"In a study published online Feb. 14 in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, Sibley and others looked at a group of 134 adolescents and young adults, and found they reported problems with social isolation, difficulties engaging in online learning, motivation issues and boredom that increased during the pandemic." More

Spotting an Eating Disorder in Your College-Age Child - 2021-02-18
"When your child enters college, the last thing you may be worried about is an eating disorder, but one expert says there are warning signs that parents shouldn't miss." More

396 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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