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Physical Therapy Can Help You Avoid Opioids When Joint Pain Strikes - 2018-12-14
"People who get prompt physical therapy for pain in the knee, shoulder or lower back may have less need for opioid painkillers, new research suggests." More

Research on Almost 2,000 Brains Brings Insight Into Mental Illness - 2018-12-13
"Researchers say a massive genetic analysis of the human brain has yielded new insights into the underpinnings of psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism." More

Extreme Dieting in Teens Often Intensifies in Adulthood - 2018-12-12
"Extreme dieting behaviors often begin in the teen years and worsen in adulthood, a new study finds." More

Eczema Can Drive People to Thoughts of Suicide: Study - 2018-12-12
"Nearly 28 million Americans are affected by the skin condition eczema, and for some it may become so chronic and severe they consider suicide, new research shows." More

Hospitalizations Rising Among the Homeless - 2018-12-11
"On any given night in America, more than 550,000 people are homeless, and they are being hospitalized in greater numbers, a new study suggests." More

AHA: Sleep Apnea May Double Odds for High Blood Pressure in Blacks - 2018-12-10
"Black adults with high blood pressure that defies standard prescription treatments might want to get screened for sleep apnea, new research suggests." More

Nagging Low Back Pain? Try Mindfulness - 2018-12-10
"Research has shown that mind-body practices can help. These include yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which teaches you how to change certain thoughts and behaviors, which are factors involved in sensing pain." More

Opioids Exact Another Toll on Newborns: Smaller Heads - 2018-12-10
"Infants born addicted to opioids may be more likely to have smaller heads that might hinder their development, new research suggests." More

Family, School Support May Help Stop Bullies in Their Tracks - 2018-12-07
"Children with strong family ties and school support are more likely to try to stop bullying when they see it, new research suggests." More

Health Tip: Improve Your Sleep Habits - 2018-12-07
"Not getting enough sleep can trigger illness, poor performance in daily activities, memory loss and other health concerns, the agency adds." More

Are Kids' Playgrounds Really Safe? - 2018-12-07
"According to U.S. health officials, more than 200,000 children aged 14 or under are treated each year in emergency departments for playground-related injuries, about 10 percent of which involve "TBIs" -- or traumatic brain injuries." More

Better Economy Could Mean Worse Nursing Home Care - 2018-12-07
"In a good economy, the care at U.S. nursing homes falls because it's harder to attract and keep staff, a new study contends." More

More Are Seeking Mental Health Care, But Not Always Those Who Need It Most - 2018-12-07
"About one-third of people with serious distress -- signs of depression, anxiety or deeper mental problems -- do not get the care they need, according to the study." More

Millions of Americans Still Breathing Secondhand Smoke: Report - 2018-12-06
"Despite three decades of declines in secondhand smoke exposure, 58 million Americans -- children included -- are still breathing in tobacco fumes, federal health officials reported Thursday." More

Health Tip: Before You Get Help for Stuttering - 2018-12-06
"Different speech therapists have differing approaches for stuttering, so it's important to evaluate your needs before choosing a therapist, the Stuttering Foundation says." More

615 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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