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A Promising New Therapy Against OCD? - 2021-01-19
"Noninvasive electrical stimulation of the brain, fine-tuned to specific "circuitry" gone awry, might help ease obsessive-compulsive behaviors, an early study hints." More

Promising Steps Toward Retinal Cell Transplants to Fight Blindness - 2021-01-19
"Adult retinal stem cells from deceased human donors survived when they were transplanted into the eyes of non-human primates, according to the researchers." More

Fewer U.S. Cancer Patients Are Dying From Suicide, Study Finds - 2021-01-19
"New research reveals an encouraging trend: Despite the rate of suicide rising overall for Americans, U.S. cancer patients are actually less likely now to take their own life than in the past." More

Aphasia Affects Brain Similar to Alzheimer's, But Without Memory Loss - 2021-01-13
"A rare brain disease that causes loss of language skills doesn't lead to memory loss, a new study finds." More

Biden Says He Will Release All Vaccine Doses After Taking Office - 2021-01-08
"The potentially risky move is meant to boost a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program that has gotten off to a slow start, with only about 5.9 million doses administered out of 29.4 million distributed, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." More

AHA News: Sleep Disorders Plague Stroke Survivors – and Put Them at Risk - 2021-01-07
"People who have strokes or mini-strokes often experience a wide range of sleep disorders in the months that follow, a problem that can put them at increased risk for subsequent strokes, an analysis shows." More

AHA News: Pandemic Pods Offer Social Relief, But There Are Risks - 2021-01-06
""There's maybe a false sense of security with these pod arrangements," said Melissa Hawkins, director of the Public Health Scholars Program at American University in Washington, D.C. That's a serious issue as people grow eager for more contact, but vaccinations are months away for most." More

Moves, Evictions Often Trigger Harmful Breaks in Health Care: Study - 2021-01-06
"Research brings grim findings for these economically tough times: People who must move because they can't make the rent often miss out on needed medical care." More

Survey Shows Mental Woes Spiked in U.S. Pandemic's First Months - 2021-01-06
"It may be no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing some Americans significant psychological distress. That mental trauma hit people hard, even early in the pandemic, new research shows." More

Some Americans Can't Access Telemedicine, Study Shows - 2021-01-06
"Middle-aged and older folks are much less likely to complete their scheduled telemedicine visits, as well as Medicaid recipients and those whose first language is not English, the researchers said." More

Health Care After COVID: The Rise of Telemedicine - 2021-01-05
"Telemedicine isn't new, but the COVID-19 pandemic has really put the technology front and center, with clinics closing for certain services after state and local governments issued stay-at-home orders to help prevent the spread of the virus." More

How to Sleep Better in 2021 - 2021-01-01
"If you're like most American adults, you're not getting enough sleep. This could be the year to change that, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), which recommends adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night. A survey conducted in July showed that 85% of adults in the United States get less." More

Which Exercise Regimen Works Best to Ease Lower Back Pain? - 2020-12-30
"Chronic lower back pain can make the most routine tasks difficult. But a new study suggests patients can learn new, practical and less painful ways to move through individualized "motor skills training," or MST." More

Saying 'I Understand' Makes a Real Difference, Study Shows - 2020-12-30
"Showing support for a person's upset over something they've experienced can actually help boost their positive feelings, new research shows." More

Masks Do Make Faces Harder to Recognize, Study Shows - 2020-12-30
"A new study confirms what you likely already know from experience -- it can be hard to recognize people when they're wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic." More

405 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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