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PTSD May Be Tied to Greater Dementia Risk - 2020-09-17
"Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)may significantly increase the risk of dementia later in life, according to a new study." More

Wildfire Smoke Poses Special Threat to People With Asthma - 2020-09-17
"People with asthma and other respiratory illnesses need to be aware of the threat that wildfire smoke poses to their breathing and take steps to protect themselves, an allergy expert warns." More

COVID Conflicts Are Putting Big Strains on Relationships - 2020-09-17
"Both sides think they're right. And that's led to friction and frustration among friends and families." More

Even Exercise May Not Ease Pandemic-Linked Stress - 2020-09-15
"Exercise is often recommended to combat stress and anxiety. But it might not be the solution to your pandemic-related worries, new research indicates." More

Wildfires Ravage Land, and Lungs, Across the U.S. West - 2020-09-15
"Public health experts have warned people up and down the coast to remain indoors with the windows shut and their air conditioners running on recirculated air." More

Statins Going Generic Saved Medicare Billions - 2020-09-14
"Here's evidence that prescription drugs don't have to cost a fortune: New research finds Medicare saved billions as more generic cholesterol-lowering medications became available, even though the number of Americans using the drugs increased." More

With Hurricane Season Here, Watch Out for One Carbon Monoxide Danger - 2020-09-12
"A portable generator may power up your home after a hurricane or storm knocks out your electricity, but it also poses the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, one expert says." More

Suicide Rate Keeps Rising Among Young Americans - 2020-09-11
"A nearly 60% jump in suicides by young Americans since 2007 has experts alarmed and somewhat puzzled." More

Electrical Brain Stimulation Offers Hope Against Dyslexia - 2020-09-10
"Electrical stimulation of a sound-processing area of the brain can briefly improve reading skills in adults with dyslexia, a new, small study has found." More

West Coast Wildfires, COVID a Double Whammy to Lung Health - 2020-09-10
"Even as wildfires rage across California, Oregon and Washington, another danger lurks in the eerie orange haze that has enveloped U.S. cities, towns and neighborhoods this week: an increased risk of catching COVID-19." More

More Are Turning to Pot When Depressed – But Does It Help or Harm? - 2020-09-10
"Folks struggling with depression are much more likely to turn to marijuana to ease their symptoms these days, and that's not necessarily a good thing, researchers report." More

AHA News: In These Tough Times, Focus on Resilience - 2020-09-09
"There's no resilience gene to help us deal with adversity. Experts say it's a skill to foster, a muscle to pump up." More

Dangerous Abuse of Anxiety Drug Phenibut Is on the Rise - 2020-09-09
"A growing number of Americans may be having serious reactions after taking phenibut -- an unapproved anxiety drug sold in some dietary supplements." More

Masks Make Talking Even Tougher for People Who Stutter - 2020-09-09
"Face masks may be invaluable in the fight against COVID-19, but they can make it difficult for people who stutter to communicate with others." More

Depression Can Deepen Over Time for Alzheimer's Caregivers - 2020-09-09
"Add a heightened risk for depression to the list of challenges facing the caregivers of loved ones who have Alzheimer's disease." More

496 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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