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The Hacker's Diet
The Hacker's Diet
This online book, written by an engineer, discusses ways to lose weight, keep the weight off, and live a healthier life.   He includes tips to help with weight loss and tracking tools, including both online and paper/pen tools.   This site is incredibly thorough, well organized, and definitely worth checking out!

Calorie Control Council
Calorie Control Council
Find the latest info on cutting calories and fat in the diet, and achieving a healthy weight. Includes non-branded info on ingredients used in popular low-calorie and reduced-fat foods and beverages. This site is well-organized, making navigation easy.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers, Inc.
Home of the world famous Weight Watchers programs, this website offers programs to help you lose weight, either purely-online or in conjunction with face-to-face meetings in a weight watchers center. The site features nifty online tools to help you manage your weight loss progress, including a journal, weight log, points calculators, searchable database of recipies, etc. You must become a paying member of weight watchers to use these features, however. A very attractive clean design complements the materials.

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